Crop Control in Medical Cannabis

Crop Control in Medical Cannabis

The Importance of Non-Invasive Solutions in Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis is a plant-based product with origins tracing as far back as the third millennium BC, in China. Cannabis has been cultivated for a variety of uses from linen to medicine. Medical cannabis is rapidly growing due to the increased awareness of its benefits. Crop control in medical cannabis cultivation is strict and limited. In this article, we will explore a non-invasive solution to issues growers face, including mould and bacterial infections.

As legal medical cannabis becomes more prevalent around Europe, the cannabis industry is becoming increasingly more professional. This stereotypical image of unpolished cannabis growing facilities is developing into a rather meticulous and lucrative sector.

The BioRadiance Wand Medical Cannabis

What is Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabis?

These products are cannabis commodities that have been grown in a ‘research class’ facility with high standards of control. The facilities aim to replicate near-perfect consistency in cannabinoid and terpene profiles as well as the overall product output. To ensure a high level of consistency throughout the grow, it requires advanced controlled environment agriculture (CEA).

The need for consistently cultivating high-quality products is apparent from a safety and commercial point of view. Products that are free from bacteria, mould, and fungus are essential to the success of medical cannabis companies. However, due to the scrupulous levels of regulation by boards and the government, the range of appropriate treatments and solutions are limited.

Pharmaceutical Cannabis The BioRadiance Wand

Medical Cannabis Mould & Bacteria Problems

Despite medical facilities having a more controlled environment, this does not keep the invaders out at all times. Bacteria and mould pathogens including botrytis and powdery mildew still prevail, killing vast areas of medical cannabis crops.

Cannabis Crop Control The Wand

Crop Control and Treatments in Medical Cannabis

With many treatments incredibly intrusive, there is one device that provides a non-invasive, safe, and chemical-free solution: the BRe3 Wand. This LED, supplemental device simultaneously kills pathogens including botrytis and powdery mildew and stimulates plant growth. Within just a week of installing the Wands above an infested grow of medical cannabis, the light bar kills and controls the mould and bacteria. Resulting in safe, pathogen-free products. The Wand is a world-first technology, using no UV, ensuring maximum safety for staff and growers. It is a non-invasive solution to mould and bacteria-infested medical cannabis plants.

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