BioRadiance FAQs – Who Are We? What Is BRe3? How Can We Help Boost Your Grow?

BioRadiance FAQs – Who Are We? What Is BRe3? How Can We Help Boost Your Grow?

BioRadiance answers your FAQs

In this blog, we will go through BioRadiance’s FAQs and answer them as efficiently as possible for you.

Who Is BioRadiance?

BioRadiance is a UK based firm set up in 2014. Despite being over seas, we work in the US and Canada promoting our BRe3 Wand to help growers boost their grow, kill pathogens, and create the best product for their consumers.

What is our BRe3 Wand?

The BRe3 Wand is a slim, highly engineered, supplemental and synergistic, powerful light bar. The Wand is not a standalone grow light but is designed to be installed alongside your current grow light system; HID, LED, or other.

BioRadiance FAQs

What is BRe3?

BRe3 is a world-first science, a unique cocktail of light wavelengths that simultaneously:
  • Accelerates the rate of photosynthesis with balanced cellular respiration, resulting in more ATP production, and increased nutrient uptake
  • Destroys bacterial and mould pathogens, like Powdery Mildew
  • Naturally improves cell repair and improves plant hormone functionality

How much will my crop grow by if I use the Wand?

We have performed a number of different tests and trials with professional growers. They have seen improved yields by up to 35.49%.

What are the other benefits of using the Wand?

The Wand has many benefits to your grow. The following are some of the key changes our professional growers have seen:
> THC Potency increase
> Increased Yield
> Increased Nutrient uptake
> Safety Control + Kill Molds and Bacteria
> Significant Growth + Protection over Clones
> Accelerated plant Growth
> Reduced IPM costs
> Increased Stem Circumference + Reduced Inter-nodal distance

BioRadiance FAQs

Is BRe3 Safe for human use?

Yes. This patent pending technology is scientifically proven safe for plants, humans, and animals. BRe3 is made up of beneficial frequency combinations all of which are part of our sun’s spectrum that cannabis plants fully utlize.

Does the BRe3 Wand support organic Cannabis Cultivation?

Yes, it does by allowing a grower to decrease or eliminate the use of artificial and synthetic chemicals from Seed 2 Sale. BRe³ is an organic control energy against infestations like Powdery Mildew and bacteria. The BRe³ light delivers wavelengths produced by the Sun making them organic in nature. BRe³ light does not cause molecular ionization (the breaking apart of molecules into ions) and doesn’t produce free radicals due to its low energy levels. All applications of BRe³ are fully compatible with the organic growing standards for any plant.

Is the Wand a proven technology in the cannabis industry?

Yes, it is. BRe³ light delivers combinations of wavelengths at different intervals to accomplish two things (1) promote the enhancement of photosynthesis and life sustaining processes within the plant like cellular repair keeping the natural levels of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids as Mother Nature intended, and (2) rapidly destroys pathogens on top and within ALL plants.

Does the Wand destroy Pathogens?

Yes, the BRe3 Wand eliminates mold and bacterial pathogens like Powdery Mildew, Botrytis, E.Coli, and Listeria.

BioRadiance FAQs

Can I use the Wand throughout the whole grow cycle?

Yes, the Wand will stimulate growth and kill pathogens from seed to flower to harvest.

I have additional questions, what’s the best way to get in contact?

We hope you enjoyed reading our answers to BioRadiance’s FAQs. Use the Contact Us page to submit your questions. Or you can call us on 760 289 7917 to reach our customer support department and we will be happy to chat!
Our pesticide-free, residue-free, and chemical-free solution could be the ultimate saver for your crop…check us out for more information or email us at – we are keen to see how we can help you with your grow!

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