Here, we have provided answers to some of the BRe3 Wand FAQs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

BRe3 is a world-first light energy that simultaneously kills pathogens and stimulates plant growth.
Yes. This patent pending technology is scientifically proven safe for plants, humans and animals. 
Yes, it does by allowing a grower to decrease or eliminate the use of artificial and synthetic chemicals from Seed 2 Sale. BRe³ is an organic control energy against infestations like Powdery Mildew and bacteria. 
Yes, it is. BRe³ light delivers combinations of wavelengths at different intervals to accomplish control and eradication of pathogens, and increase in plant yield.
Yes, it does and the time it takes to eliminate the Mildew depends upon the extent of the infestation.
Yes, it does and the time it takes to eliminate the Botrytis depends upon the extent of the infestation.
Yes, BRe³ eliminates bacteria like E. coli and Listeria quickly. Some bacteria may require longer exposure times.
If a grower installs the Wand units correctly and uses them from Seed 2 Sale, they will decrease the harmful pathogens thereby reducing or eliminating the need for expensive chemicals. 
Install the Wand in every room from Seed to Sale.
The Wand will protect and enhance cannabis plants during germination, cloning, vegetative and flowering stages and even in the Cure Room.
A Wand installed in a dark cure Room will continue to destroy pathogens. The Wand emits no visible light except for a small green LED indicator which has no effect on the curing cannabis.
Yes, the Wand will enhance crop yield by aiding cellular respiration, cellular repair and by producing more CO2 for photosynthesis promoting extra growth.
The Wand will work for ANY grower.
The Wand adds energy to all plants. The plants can use that energy for cellular repair (making them healthier) and for bolstering their defences against pests. The BRe³ energy will also benefit cellular respiration which provides extra CO2 to promote enhanced photosynthesis and improve yield. In the final analysis the light’s benefits are: (1) kills harmful pathogens, (2) adds health, strength and life to the plant, (3) adds to the plants growth for improved yield.
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