While indoor grow houses might offer certain benefits such as year round harvests and improved temperature and regulation controls, when it comes to lighting and natural sunlight, your crop will be lacking.

If you’re a serious cultivator, you will already be exploring which lighting alternatives can help you to ensure that your grow is in balance and of optimal quality, while remaining as natural as possible. Due to an influx of consumer interest in greener and organic crops, grow houses are under increased pressure to find lighting alternatives that can help them to both meet with demand and produce a product that provides an improved taste and smell. Even if you stop using fertilizers and chemicals in your grow, chances are your plants will be shorter than those produced by your outdoor grow house rivals, due to the obvious fact that an indoor grow never has access to natural sunlight. Unless your grow house has the budget to invest in costly lighting alternatives or increase the hours of light that plants are exposed too, many grow houses could be left behind.

With statewide grow laws tightening you may already be exploring the options that are available and wondering how to stretch budget to incorporate the latest tech or grow solutions available on the market. However, the solution to your issues is cheaper and easier than you might have previously thought; it comes in the form of a 46-inch-long light wand.
Plant growth 101
Just as during the grow cycle of any plant; from tomatoes to marijuana, all plants require phosphorus to grow and develop. Phosphorus is an essential element that is required in all known life forms, aiding with stage root development, stem strength, nutrient uptake, resistance to disease and even overall yield. During photosynthesis, light energy from the sun, in the form of both visible and non-visible light, is used to create chemical structures:  adenosine diphosphate (ADP) and adenosine triphosphate (ATP), supporting the growth of your cannabis plant from seed to harvest. It is thanks to the ATP levels in your plants, that nutrient uptake can occur, ensuring that your plants can produce all the sugars, proteins and lipids that they require for a healthy grow. Whereas indoor grow houses may have previously had to spend a large percentage of their budget on elaborate lighting solutions, new patented solutions are now on the market, in the form of this light wand.

The missing link
Typically, today’s grow lighting solutions do not have the technology to rival the balanced natural light energy delivered by the sun, as they don’t provide a full spectrum of differing light wavelengths that plants receive while growing outdoors or in the wild. Most grow lights only deliver visible light that is unable to produce very often the ATP level sufficient for healthy and strong cannabis growth.
The Wand supports healthier and stronger plant life cycles, delivering the essential non-visible light spectrum that your grow needs. The BRe³ energy penetrates the infection, reaching the mitochondria of the plant cell, activating certain photoreceptors that enable your plants to absorb more water and nutrients, while providing your grow with missing stimulation that ensure they grow faster and remain stronger against pathogens, such as Powdery Mildew. The wand also stimulates two of the most essential processes for your plants life – respiration and photosynthesis. This ensures that plant growth and development occur quickly and smoothly. The Wand boosts overall ATP production whilst making photosynthesis easier and more effective in your controlled grow house environment. It also helps keep this cycle in balance for optimal growth.

The BRe³ replicates natural sunlight that your indoor grow is missing, and at just 46 inches long it is very easy to install alongside your current grow house lighting. Just as with your current light solutions, you can install the Wand up to 22” away from your plants, ensuring a solid coverage of a 4’ x 4’+ area for your grow house, providing a solid and even lighting coverage for your entire crop, and a more uniform harvest. Unlike natural light, the Pathogen Death Wand can be used to provide a maximum of eighteen hours of uninterrupted lighting, ensuring that you have the upper hand against outdoor growers.
Canny cannabinoids
Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are natural compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is renowned for its psychoactive tendencies, producing mind-altering properties when consumed. By contrast, CBD, often labeled the ‘safe cannabinoid’ is a desirable compound, as it can aid with various health conditions including nausea, inflammation, spasms, seizures, cancer and even provide pain relief, in addition to helping with depression, anxiety and mental illness. CBD offers more benefits from the marijuana plant, attracting both medicinal users and consumers who want to use cannabis to treat a range of health and wellness conditions. Increasing the ATP levels that cannabis plants receive means that grow houses could improve CBD levels in their grow, producing a crop that is both natural and attractive to a huge range of consumers. By using the Wand, ATP levels can be increased, providing Mother Nature’s own chemicals the plant needs to complete optimum metabolic processes. The wand does not harm your plant, cannabinoids or flavonoids, ensuring that each grow remains as green as possible.
The Wand deploys unique wavelength combinations that are able to break down the cell walls of bacteria, before the infection is able to reproduce and spread in your grow house. Although insects are not affected by the wand, its applied energy is able to boost your plants’ natural defense mechanisms, providing increased protection against grow house enemies.
So, if you are looking for a lighting solution that will increase the ATP levels in your cannabis plants, install the Wand and expect your overall harvest quality to improve. With a five-year warranty, the patented technology in the Wand replicates natural sunlight, enabling you to produce an indoor grow that will rival your outdoor grow house competitors.
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