From Contaminated to Clean

In the hills of Southern Humboldt County, a greenhouse crop of legal cannabis was heavily infested with Russet Mites and Powdery Mildew.  Despite the growers’ diligent efforts, harvesting revealed the extent of the fungal damage.  The growers lamented that all of their hard-work was in vain and that their crop would be an unsalable disaster.

The growers frantically searched the market for a proven solution to save their crop.  Enter the BioRadiance³ Wand (formerly known as the Pathogen Death Wand) – a pesticide and fungicide free way to combat powdery mildew and other contaminants that infect and destroy cannabis plants.
As the growers brought filled tubs with powder covered branches, an array of Wands were positioned overhead. The hanging crew commented how devastating the Powdery Mildew was and prayed that the newly arrived technology would deliver the magic it claimed.
Each branch was shown to the Wands as they were removed from the bins.  The crew tediously defoliated and hung the flowers, the Wands were then directed at the drying lines, progressing with the movement of the work. One by one the netting was filled, and the room had been evenly exposed to the Wands BRe3 unique mold killing energy.  Drying finished within a week, and the flowers were hand-trimmed underneath the Wands. After trimming and weighing into pounds, the product was stored in clear bags, also under the Wands’ BRe3 positive energy.
Tension rose as the crop was submitted to scientific analysis for microbial screening. If the flowers were found to be unacceptable, then the entire batch would need to be destroyed. All of the profits of many months of farming held in the balance of a petri dish.
To the amazement of the growers and my delight, the analysis was announced as passing all microbial thresholds! Now ecstatic with their success, and the effectiveness of their new-found tool, the farm sold its product. The farm now plans to deploy the BioRadiance³ Wand technology from Clone to Cure throughout their future harvests, confident in its benefits.
Once installed, the Wands deliver positive BRe³ energy wavelengths to reach the mitochondria, stimulating the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) – a cell building block that encourages the absorption of water, nutrients and uptake of CO2, which in turn promotes photosynthesis.  With these essential life processes enhanced, the healthier your plants become.   The healthier the plant, the stronger its defense system against powdery mildew infestations.
-Benjamin Franklin Grant
Instagram: @benjaminfgrant

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