BRe³, the technology inside the Wand, delivers a cleaner, safer, more natural grow.
The marijuana industry is set to boom this year, whether you live in Ohio, California or Florida. As deals of around $10 million become more common, the number of companies winning marijuana licenses and operating their business across several markets means that your grow must stand out if you want to keep ahead in an even more competitive landscape – in particular if you are a small to medium sized grow house and/or new to the US cannabis market.

Consumers are increasingly demanding a clean, safer crop that won’t break their bank account. Growers know this and have created clean campaigns, like those in California’s finest Humboldt County, where they are positioning their crop as a clean, non-GMO product that retains an optimal THC content and pleasant smell.


These new campaigns or crusades don’t just mean looking to alternatives to heavy-duty pesticides and the fertilizers that you use on your crop, in fact, you should be looking for PROVEN natural ways to provoke your plants to be healthier. We all know that a healthy plant will provide itself with its own best natural defenses against pathogens. While you may previously have had to rely heavily on pesticides and fertilizers to ensure that you produce an optimal crop year after year, times are changing, with higher demand for CLEAN cannabis that is now grown using safe, methods.
Help is at hand in the form of the Wand, a unique patented light source that will ensure you can produce a safe, natural and clean grow, without breaking your bank balance.
To grow stronger plants, achieve greater yields and realize increased revenues growers should:
  • Provide their plants with all the safe wavelengths of the sun’s beneficial light spectrum.
  • Increase their plant’s ATP production naturally.
  • Improve their plant’s respiration activity and in turn make photosynthesis easier and more effective.
Only the Pathogen Death Wand with PDe³ technology can deliver:
  • The “missing” patented and proprietary beneficial wavelengths of light that your current grow operation fails to receive.
  • The “missing” wavelengths of light in a unique and varied manner or simply put these wavelengths are delivered in combinations and at differing degrees of power to the plant’s energy centers.
  • Our BRe³ energy that reaches the mitochondria of the plant cell. This unique energy stimulates added production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is a building block of plant life. The added ATP production allows the plant to absorb more water and nutrients making it healthier.
  • Our BRe³ energy that positively affects the respiration activity within your plants.The missing wavelengths of light energy that complete (boost?) your plant’s energy intake requirements.
Greener growing benefits
Stop using fungicides and pesticides on your crop and consider making a few changes to your grow house. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on pesticides and chemicals that eventually may not pass laboratory testing on your crop to improve the quality of your grow and to protect it from pests, you can make a serious saving by installing the Pathogen Death Wand and protect your grow.
Our BRe³ technology supports healthier and stronger plant life cycles as it quite literally recreates nature’s own “natural life processes” (that means no synthetic chemicals or additives), destroying and continually eliminating the many species of fungi and most bacteria that affect your grow. The Wand is easy to install, a quick fit alongside your current grow house lighting and ensures that you can grow a greener, healthier crop = happy grower with an outstanding harvest.
Defense against Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and most Bacteria Powdery Mildew remains the nemesis of any grower – from cannabis to tomatoes. PM is a serious problem for your grow house, as it quite literally sucks the moisture out of any healthy plant. A brutal fungus, its matte-white spores spell suicide for any cannabis growers, wiping out an entirely healthy crop in a matter of days. The Natural Solution is the Wand with BRe³, the safe light source (NO UV) that can destroy Powdery Mildew without impacting the terpene / cannabinoid levels of your grow.


The MISSING wavelengths of the Sun’s spectrum incorporated in the Wand are designed to deliver precise, naturally occurring wavelengths for your grow, covering up to a 4’ x 4+’ area at a distance of 22” away from the plant(s). Giving you 5 years warrantied protection for your grow. And if you are fighting a serious infection, you can even get quicker results by installing it as close as 10” away from the plant(s) covering a smaller footprint of 4’ x 17”. Great news if you want to keep a close eye on your entire crop or need to eliminate a stubborn patch of Powdery Mildew – ensuring that it remains out of your grow house for good.
Patented Technology
It can be disconcerting when investing in a new piece of technology for your grow house, if it is relatively new to the market. However, you can rest assured that investing in the Pathogen Death Wand means that you are purchasing a piece of patented technology, which delivers a unique combination of both patented and patent pending light wave spectrums that can produce your healthiest grow ever while destroying pathogens. Just think of those wavelengths as bullet-sized blasts of energy that will eliminate any potential pathogens, while stimulating the growth of your plants. So, if you thought that patented technology was only within the reach of larger, long-term grow houses then you may be pleasantly surprised that the Pathogen Death Wand is a patented piece of technology that remains within the budget of smaller to medium sized grow houses.

Ideal for use in humid environments
The Wand with BRe³ is designed to function optimally in humid environments – including your grow house, ideally for tackling fungi and bacteria that thrive in damp environments. The Pathogen Death Wand protects your crop consistently on a daily basis and is specifically designed to protect your crop in humid, damp environments, such as those that you need to maintain to ensure that your cannabis plants can grow and thrive.
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