Every cultivator knows that increasing the intensity of photosynthesis or rate of photosynthetic carbon dioxide assimilation is paramount to achieving larger, stronger and healthier plants.  The Wand with BRe³™ light energy WILL STIMULATE OR INCREASE PHOTOSYNTHETIC activity naturally and safely.

How?  By stimulation of both the photosynthetic activities of plants and their cellular respiration process, we simultaneously increase production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) in photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation.  Put simply, photophosphorylation occurs during photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation during cellular respiration. These activities allow the plant to maintain its necessary dynamic and balance between photosynthetic processes and cellular respiration during the day and night cycles. These accelerated activities are especially related to carbon dioxide, synthesis of secondary metabolites and plant’s hormones, etc.…. but at a much faster pace.

The picture above identifies Sunlight Energy as necessary for a plant’s growth and health. Today’s indoor grow lights do not deliver a full spectrum of light like the Sun. The Wand adds the “Missing Wavelengths” of light that the sun normally delivers to plants and this added energy provokes or allows the plant to maximize its potential.  We call these unique missing wavelength combinations BRe³.
All knowledgeable cultivators agree that achieving successful photosynthesis leads to a successful grow. We also know that ATP is the only form of energy that a plant can use directly. ATP is the currency that funds ALL cell activity.  By increasing ATP production, BRe³ light energy is also making the plant healthier, richer and more valuable as well as stronger, more disease resistant, tougher and happier.
FACT: BRe³ light energy is a natural, clean and safe generator of increased ATP production.
For a deeper understanding of why increasing ATP production with BRe³ is important to growing stronger, larger, healthier plants…naturally, BRe³ is:
  • Increasing ATP production and creating a balanced support for many physiological processes in a plant’s cells and tissues is related to strong and healthy plant growth and development.
  • Managing cell photosynthesis and oxidative phosphorylation respiration, which is managing cellular functions. For example, you are promoting a plant cell’s health by stimulating these processes.
  • Stimulating the production of sugars, proteins, lipids and secondary metabolites, which add additional currency to the plant.
  • Adding energy to the cellular respiration process so it can keep up with increased photosynthesis.
FACT:  The Sun has nurtured plants for millions of years. Plants have adapted to the Sun’s total spectrum.  Plants want and need the total spectrum. Their genes expect the total spectrum. Indoor grows provide NO non-visible light, which is about 40% of the Sun’s total spectrum.
Only the Wand with BRe³ can give you these non-visible wavelengths that aid in increased photosynthesis and simultaneously cellular respiration, cellular repair and cellular management. These forgotten light energy bundles (wavelength groupings) are missing in today’s Grow Lights. Your plants are starving for them. Without BRe³, it could take millions of mutations and hundreds of years for plants to adapt to growing without the “missing wavelengths”.
Why penalize your plants?
Give them what they need and expect. Give them the “Missing Wavelengths” of the Sun’s full spectrum.  Then watch as your plants, stimulated appropriately and producing MORE ATP, give back all that their genetics can provide. This win-win solution of providing full spectrum light to your plant and allowing them to best perform makes everyone a winner!

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