BioRadiance BRe3 Wand Performance

BioRadiance BRe3 Wand Performance

Sterling Pacific Case Study

Over the years, BioRadiance has focused on undertaking trials and performance tests. They have done this to verify the outstanding results that the BRe3 Wand has on growers’ crops. The following article will dive deeper into one of our case studies with Sterling Pacific. It will explore the amazing results from the BRe3 Wand.

BRe3 Wand

BioRadiance BRe3 Wand Performance Test

In order to produce standardized produce, it is necessary to follow strict control procedures. You can do this by ensuring proper environmental factors to inhibit disease pressure. Additionally, you can promote the growth of healthy and bountiful product.

One of the most important growing factors of cannabis is the spectrum of light. This has to be optimized to affect the growth, health and cannabinoid concentration. The ultimate goal is the replication of the sun. Therefore, the object of this study was to test the effectiveness of the BRe3 Wand’s. The test would be executed in a Greenhouse environment. Therefore, this test trial using the BRe3 Wand vs control wanted to validate several things. Firstly, that using the BRe3 Wand increases the growth and yield. Secondly, that it acts as a biopest deterrent. Thirdly, that it strengthens the plant’s health and vitality.

BioRadiance BRe3 Wand Performance – Method

The cloned plants were of a THC strain named Crème Brûlée. Crème Brûlée is an Indica dominant hybrid of platinum OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookie. Primarily, the appropriate square pots, sizes, kits, and lighting were in place. Secondly, a T5 High Output Fluorescent Light was used as a supplemental grow lighting during the vegetative stage.

Sterling Pacific Greenhouse Operation

  1. Greenhouse Temperature. Without good ventilation, any greenhouse can become too warm, even in relatively cool weather. Therefore, more plants die from excess heat within a greenhouse.
  2. Proper Ventilation. Without proper ventilation, greenhouses and their plants become prone to a myriad of problems. Consequently, the heat and humidity from poor ventilation will cause plants to become sick. They then fall victim to opportunistic bugs, fungus and molds. Therefore, correct ventilation serves 3 major purposes:
  • Helps regulate temperature
  • Helps ensure plants get plenty of fresh air that they can use to photosynthesize
  • Reduces pest infestation

BRe3 Test Procedure Implementation

T5 HO Fluorescent Light Fixture hung in the middle of Greenhouse fastened with ratchet hangars at 4 feet above plants/plant beds

  • T5 light is run during vegetative cycle for 6 hours from 5:00am to 11:00am for 8 weeks
  • BReʒ wand set at 18” over four plants each covering 16 square feet of canopy
  • The wands are fastened using plastic housing aluminum clip ratchet hangers and nylon rope

BioRadiance BRe3 Wand Performance Test Summary Goals

The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that the BReʒ LED light will produce healthier, more robust plants. This is compared to plants without the proprietary LED wavelengths. The Wand has three unique benefits; Stimulating Photosynthesis, Cell Repair and Pathogen Destruction.

Final Conclusions


At the plant base, the circumference of the stalk was notably uniformed and more consistent in diameter. Whereby the Control plants from base up to 8 inches were notably skinnier and less uniformed. In conclusion, BRe3 Wand provided more nutrient uptake. They ensured stronger and more robust plants. In comparison, the Control plants became narrower, and restricted the flow of water and nutrients. Thus, creating a weaker stalk from base upwards.

Cannabis Root Without BRe3 Wand
Cannabis Root With BRe3 Wand
With BRe3 Wand


When compared to the Control, the BRe3 Wands had more uniform internodal spacing. This indicated a more potent and reliable light source. In addition, the BRe3 Wands had more consistent and increased branching.


The BRe3 Wand plants produced larger denser buds and a 23.5% increase in overall flowering.

Cannabis Without BioRadiance
Cannabis With BioRadiance
With BRe3 Wand


The Control Plants suffered a Powdery Mildew outbreak during the flower cycle. They were immediately treated with The Amazing Dr.Zymes Eliminator non-toxic. To further the treatment, OMRI listed insecticide and fungicide was also used. The Wand plants remained free of powdery mildew. Results from SC Labs third party independent testing showed several results. The cannabis grown under the wand had a 13.4% increase of total THC content. In addition, a 14.7% increase in total cannabinoids versus the control plants.

Powdery Mildew Before Treatment
Before BRe3 Treatment
Cannabis After Wand Treatment
After BRe3 Wand Treatment 

Final Conclusion of the BioRadiance BRe3 Wand Performance Test

Based on the data above, we can conclude that the BRe3 Wands produce more robust and healthier plants. The BRe3 energy also causes more uniformity in plant growth and increase in yield. Lastly, the plants are free of any disease pressure or outbreak, producing a more potent cannabinoid profile.

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