Delivering a Clean Grow, No More Pesticides and Fungicides

Stop using Fungicides and Pesticides when growing cannabis. When a grower installs the Wands correctly and uses them from Seed to Sale (mother, clone, grow and cure rooms), they will reduce the majority of harmful pathogens or completely eliminate a dependency on expensive chemicals to fix the room issues and or plant problems.

The Wand is a magnificent tool that is reliable, durable and reasonable to operate. It does have spatial limitations. Light intensity is the key to its success but light intensity dissipates over distance generating a finite operating space. To optimize the effectiveness and reduce the cost of using the Wand developing a system where the Wand can be moved to a non covered location every 12 hours would double the effective killing space reducing the capital cost by 50%. With today’s large growing areas which can house very large plants this becomes a beneficial process.  For example, moving a light four feet laterally every 12 hours would double the square foot coverage. For extra tall plants moving the light vertically 3 feet would completely cover a 6 foot plant which would be difficult to cover from a stationery point.
Engineering this Wand movement or positioning option may need to be customized from grow to grow but it would be well worth it. This creative approach would save huge capital dollars for any large grower.  The wands generally need only 12 hours to be effective and can be kept on 24 hours per day without injury to the fixture.
Some species of pathogens (wild yeasts and molds) will require more power to be destroyed. Based on the specific conditions of growing facilities and plant’s health problem (for example, if the plants are very weak and/or were seriously contaminated with pathogens), it may be necessary to double the number of units and/or move them up and down your plants for more direct coverage.

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