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Dear Loyal Supporters,
We are proud to unveil our new identity BioRadiance Grow Science, an evolution of our brand.  As you can imagine, rebranding The Pathogen Death Wand Company was highly emotive for our team who built the business from Day 1.  But with exciting plant growth acceleration discoveries, in addition to clean healthy growing benefits obtained with our BRe3™ Wand energy, we felt it was time for a fresh new look!


The Power of Three
The Wand has three unique benefits: Stimulating Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration, Cell Repair and Pathogen Destruction.
Once installed, the Wand delivers positive BRe³ energy, absorbed by the plants chloroplasts and chlorophyll. This positive BRe³ energy stimulates photosynthesis, cellular respiration and the production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).  ATP is vital for your plants to assimilate CO2 and water to make Glucose and lovely Oxygen for us to breath. Stimulating these essential plant processes means better growth, and a visibly healthier productive plant. The healthier the plant, the stronger its natural defense system against infestations and the more energy it applies to yield.  Meanwhile, our proven BRe³ energy is toxic to pathogens, blocking their important life processes, so they cannot grow or thrive.
The Wand can optimize your grow at every stage from protecting mother’s, to seeds or clones, through to veg, flower and cure.  Clean, natural, pesticide and pathogen free.


From PDe³ to BRe³
Our science and business were launched in the Cannabis industry in 2015 when introduced to a friend with a grow in Colorado who sadly lost most of their crop to Powdery Mildew overnight.  We sent them a Wand, which was installed over the plants and they were amazed to see the Powdery Mildew controlled and then die off.  Excited by this application of our science we began grower tests.  It was growers like you who discovered the benefits of increased plant growth and strength, alongside the pathogen protection and destruction capabilities.
The Wand with BRe³ energy is more useful and powerful than we first thought, with this in mind our name “The Pathogen Death Wand Company” was no longer an option, as it did not clearly explain the three unique benefits of our World 1st Science.  Our new name, logo and brand is today symbolic of our future and our commitment to transforming your industry into a safe, clean, natural environment and enabling cultivators to realize increased yields and profits.


Wade Corley – CEO of Trust Hydroponics said:
“Trust Hydroponics is excited to report that our plants growing under The Wand are experiencing consistent increases in nutrient uptake and as a result are stronger and healthier.  We have completed four Clone to Harvest cycles and are consistently seeing 50%+ increase in our liquids / nutrient uptake.”
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