5 Things Hemp Can Be Used For

5 Things Hemp Can Be Used For

Hemp has been grown for hundreds of years. Its first cultivators used it to make fibre, pottery, clothing, an early form of paper, and an array of other products. Despite its multiple uses, hemp has now gained a global name for simply making you high. However, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive element within the plant), therefore, making it virtually impossible to get high. 

So, what are the various uses of modern hemp? We have outlined a few for you below.

1 – Food

Within the broad category of food, hemp is most widely known for its seeds. Packed with omega oils, vitamins, and protein, hemp seeds are a tasty snack. The seeds can be blended up into a smoothie, or crushed down into a flour to make brownies. There is an infinite number of hemp recipes. In addition to this, it is used to produce oils, milk, and tea.

Hemp Seeds & Food
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2 – Fabrics & Clothing

For many years, the hemp versus cotton debate has been rife. Despite cotton’s softer and more comfortable appeal, the cannabis fabrics are stronger, more durable, and have better insulation than cotton. Hemp garments maintain their shape. There is no risk in the fabric shrinking or falling apart, unlike cotton which ages more quickly. Although some hemp fabric purists may only ever want to use textile products that are 100% pure, it’s increasingly more common to see a blend of textiles. For instance, cotton and hemp mixes are becoming more popular due to the synergistic blend of soft and durable.

Hemp Fabrics
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3 – Building Materials

The subject material has a variety of uses when it comes to building things. In 1942, Henry Ford showcased his ultimate product with the potential to have changed the environmental impact of cars. His automobile was made entirely out of hemp and ran off hemp fuel. The car body was said to hold up against ten times the impact of steel without denting, whilst being much lighter. In addition to cars, Hempcrete is increasing in popularity. It has many benefits over traditional concrete. These include the fact that it is easier to work with than traditional concrete, it lacks brittleness, and its lightweight which is ideal for most climates. Hempcrete is also a great option for insulation as well as being better for the environment due to its renewable roots.

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4 – Health

As scientists understand more about the potential benefits of CBD, the more manufacturers are infusing their products with the hemp-derived product. CBD is a well-known natural remedy that people use for a variety of health conditions. Typically consumed as oil, the product can help relieve pain, anxiety, or stress. In addition, CBD has helped conditions including epilepsy and neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s. There are an increasing number of companies selling CBD products to help customers with their health challenges.

5 – Fuel

There are clear environmental benefits to using hemp fuel, in other words, biofuel. Biofuels have the advantage of being more sustainable because they can be grown and harvested at a sustainable rate. The overriding benefit of this fuel however, is that it can be easily grown in most climates. This means that many countries around the world would have the ability to internally grow their own fuel. Furthermore, hemp naturally repels pests, therefore, minimal pesticides and herbicides are needed, meaning more biofuel can be produced in a short amount of time.

Conclusion On Hemp Uses

It would take days to write down and explain all of the different uses of hemp, hence the 5 simple categories above. The cannabis plant is a diverse and incredible species, which we should be grateful for and make the most of its yield. Not only is it durable and healthy, it has a low impact on the environment and is comparatively cheap to produce. 

Arguably, there is no other natural resource that offers the same array of potential as hemp. Not only is it a renewable resource, but it also has the ability to make the world a genuinely better place.


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