Performance Series 03: Increase Your THC Potency Naturally


Increased THC Potency 13.4% 

  Increased Yield up to 34.83% 

Welcome to our Professionals Performance Series, we will be sharing our proven success from field testing with professional cultivators. Our BRe3 Wand has consistently helped growers across the US and Canada to supercharge their plants and achieve their most productive yields, ever ! 

  • Increased THC Potency by 13.4%
    • California field trial full grow cycle – THC Levels increased by 13.4% in Crème Brulee, Sterling Pacific field trial, Summer 2018. Lab Tested at SC Labs. 
  • Improved Grow Yield by 23.5%
    • California field trial full grow cycle – BRe³ Wand plants in the Sterling Pacific field trial produced larger denser buds and a 23.5% increase in overall flowering. 
  • Improved Grow Yield up to 34.83%
    • BRe3 Wand improved overall Yield by 34.83%, Artisan Master Grower, MA, 2018 vs 2017 Yields when cultivator added the BRe3 Wand. Prior average 0.89 gram of finished cannabis per watt of power delivered to plants. Adding our BRe3 Wand,  grow is consistently averaging 1.2 grams per watt of energy delivered to plants.
  • Improved Grow Yield by 25% 
    • Year over Year, Trust Hydroponics 2018 vs 2017 Yields, recording yields crop after crop before the Wand. They averaged 1 gram of finished cannabis per watt of power delivered to his plants. Now with the BRe3 Wand, cultivator is averaging 1.25 grams per watt of energy delivered to his plants.

What is the BRe3 Wand? 

The BRe3 Wand is a slim, highly engineered, supplemental and synergistic powerful light bar, designed to be installed alongside your current grow lights.  When installed properly at 18-20” above the plants, the Wand supercharges plants and drives positive plant growth by simultaneously: 

  1. accelerating the rate of photosynthesis with balanced cellular respiration, resulting in more ATP production and increased nutrient uptake.
  2. naturally destroying pathogens like Powdery Mildew, fungi and bacteria.  
  3. naturally improving cell repair and plant hormone functionality.

FULL FINANCIAL PAYBACK IN 1 TO 3 GROWS.   What % THC Increase Can You Hit?

BioRadiance Grow Science is a World First Science Company that owns patented and proven technology that delivers the all-important “Missing Wavelengths of Safe Light™” that all current Grow Lights cannot. We call our Light Energy BRe³.  It is our proprietary cocktail of positive light energy for your plants and negative light energy for pathogens.

Our light devices are not UV and have consistently proven and delivered exceptional results for both Indoor and Greenhouse growers across the USA and Canada.  

BRe³ –  Proven World First Science  

Positive Energy for Plants and Negative Energy for Pathogens

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